Congratulations to our Road Crew-1st Place!

Congratulations to our road crew for winning 1st Place in PennDot’s “Build a Better Mousetrap” competition for their invention, the “Sidewinder”!  “Build a Better Mousetrap” is a PennDot LTAP contest that looks for a municipality that invents an innovative gadget or develops an improvement in processes which increase safety, reduce cost, improves efficiency, and/or improves the quality of transportaion. The judging criteria includes, cost savings, ingenuity, ease of tranferability, and effectiveness. The “Sidewinder” is a tool that mounts to a backhoe and makes the process of filling in berms during road widening quicker, more efficient, and without the high cost of renting additional equipment. This is the second time our road crew was recognized for their ingenuity. Previously, they were named runner-up in this competition. So proud of our road crew’s hard work and dedication. Way to go, guys!